Features of Successful Automotive Logos

15 Sep

A logo design is a central feature of any automobile brand. It signifies the tangible and intangible characteristics attached to the brand identity. Automobiles are no longer just a mode of transportation. It has grown into a status symbol, a sign of elegance and elite class. That is why it is imperative to design an automotive logo with a subtle purpose and distinct meaning.

The best of automotive logos focus more on portraying the intangible associations like status, elegance, caliber, power and sophistication.

utomotive logo

Essential elements of Automotive Logos:

Automobiles not only have tangible features, they also evoke intangible responses from the customers. Following are the essential elements that make a successful automotive logo:

  • The most important characteristic of an automobile is durability. Hence symbols that denote the ‘rough tough’ look are successful.
  • Dark colors exhibit a sign of grace, elegance and class. Prominent colors used are black, red, blue and green.
  • Best of automotive logos are simple and meaningful. A logo design for an automobile is used as an insignia, hence complex and lengthy logos don’t work well.
  • Whatever the symbol used in an automotive logo must signify the core values of the organization and what is intends to deliver to its customers.

automotive logo

Hence immense care needs to be catered while designing automotive logos. Your first impression might be your last impression. So it is imperative to capitalize on building the right brand image by executing it professionally.

automotive logo